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With The Choir Press you’ll always be dealing with a named contact on a one to one personal basis who will be knowledgeable about your book. You can phone and visit us.  We've helped to publish 1000s of books for publishers of all kinds from sole traders to international publishing groups covering almost every genre.



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Welcome to the self publishing books blog

Self Publishing Author Income Miles Bailey
Building Author Income: Email Lists, how to translate all your overhead activity into income in order to make it all worthwhile. We all need to make an income to live!

Editing Advice for Self Publishing Books Miles Bailey
Too many books, self published or not, have not been properly edited or even edited at all! Inviting a well-meaning friend or relative to read the typescript is not editing!

When Publishing - Front matters! Steff
When publishing the order of the front & end matter, corrections can be difficult to do or introduce new complications e.g. with an index. It’s best to get it right from the start!

Self Publishing - Tips on Writing Miles Bailey
Self Publishing a Book is Tough, We Know! Here are Some Tips That we Have Collected from Writers Over our Years in Self-Publishing Which may Ease the Hard Work!

Guide to Popular Writing Styles for Authors Miles Bailey
Are you a new author, new to commercial writing? Here’s a guide for self publishing fro Miles, common elements that are usually contained in successful writing styles…

Produce Books People Want to Read Miles Bailey
Mile's Guide to Producing & Publishing Books That People Want to Read. A quick post on how to produce books to fulfill people’s interest & that they actually want to read

Self Publishing? Design the spine Miles Bailey
Self publishing your own book? Here is a great little run down from Miles on what you need to know both here and in the U.S. It's all in the detail!

What does “print on demand” mean? Steff
Print on demand can be used to mean different things. We use the term specifically to mean a service where we fulfil print orders for one or more copies from print ready PDF files

Self Publishing - Preparing Your Typescript Miles Bailey
Self Publishing Guide to Preparing your typescript by Miles, mainly common sense but it's great to have it in black and white, this could save you a lot of time.

Book Selling Tips Miles Bailey
Do you know about Virtual Book Tours? Definitely one of the most effective ways for self-publishing authors to sell their books.