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A Guide to Popular Writing Style for Authors

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If you’re an author who is new to the field of writing and you have yet to see some success in your sales figures, read on. We’ve got some insight to share with regards to writing style and what the most popular books have in common.

In our last post, we discussed topics of books people want to read, that you may want to consider.  In this post we look elements of that are usually contained in successful writing styles.

Write with passion and enthusiasm.

Your emotions and feelings are important to bring in the readers. Use words to inspire and excite and you’re gain some loyal followers.

Keep paragraphs and sentences short.

This makes it easier to read and it’s another way to keep their interest.

Break up text.

Using subtitles and headings for paragraphs are perfect to break up large areas of text. Bullet points and numbering are another tool to convey your message. Many people read by scanning information and this helps.

Watch for use of unnecessary words.

They can make any writing duller and are likely to result in a lack of interest. Ask somebody else to proofread your material before you publish it.

There’s a fine line between authority and arrogance.

You may be the top dog trainer in the country, but if your book is on the arrogant side, you won’t win yourself any loyalty.

Get personal.

The most powerful writing is that which comes across as though it’s just you and the reader in a personal conversation. Don’t make it all about you, be sure to give your readers what they want and make it fulfil their needs too.

Good role models can influence us to do our greatest work.

Be a role model for your readers and inspire them with the results that they will gain from doing something.

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