Estimate the cost to publish your novel from your print-ready files from £495.
  • From your composed print-ready files.
  • This calculator will give you approximate prices to publish a print on demand novel without illustrations. The inside pages will be printed in black ink. All covers are printed in colour on the outside and you can choose a gloss or matt lamination.
  • Prices given below are estimates that are subject to sight of your files.

1.  Select a book size and binding (paperback or hardback)

2.  Select option A or B from this drop down list to describe your files:

3.  How many pages are in your book?


4.  If the inside pages of your book are not in one continuous file comprising all pages, please indicate approximately how many files there are:

5.  Our price will include 10 copies. How many extra printed copies would you like with your initial order?

The cost of our service including copies is £ 

You will be able to buy reprints for £  plus post and packing.

Black and white books are printed with colour covers
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