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We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.
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With The Choir Press you’ll always be dealing with a named contact on a one to one personal basis who will be knowledgeable about your book. You can phone and visit us.  We've helped to publish 1000s of books for publishers of all kinds from sole traders to international publishing groups covering almost every genre.

How to Market a Book

It is impossible for you to predict what sales you will get from your self-publishing marketing strategy but if you have no marketing strategy you can predict your sales will be zero – and you won’t be far wrong. If you are hoping to make a profit it is essential for you to take overall control and responsibility for your marketing because the biggest self-publishing mistake is to believe that someone else is doing something on your behalf when they are not.

Many self-publishing providers (i.e. firms supplying the same services that we do) like to infer or give the impression that they have the key to the door of success for your book, but the truth is that unless you are paying a specific marketing fee to a marketing professional you can expect and you will get little or no marketing effort for your book. This is because marketing a book involves unpredictable costs and with self publishing fees starting around £300 common sense tells us that marketing is not part of the package. However sales pressure has forced many self-publishing companies seeking a commercial edge to pay homage to customer’s expectations that they will get a marketing service.

So, how do you get customers to buy your book? I would broadly divide self publishers into three types and self published books into three types:

Self-Publisher type

1. Enthusiastic about promoting self and book

2. Willing to have a go.

3. Neither able nor willing to be enthusiastic about promoting self and book

Book type

A. Has a definable target market

B. Market definition is uncertain

C. Does not have a definable target market

If you are a 1A you have a good starting point. If you are 3C it’s going to be extremely difficult to make sales. Indeed if you are type 3 you may be well advised to limit your self-publishing aspirations to having a few copies for friends and family unless you are prepared to buy in specific marketing expertise. We can suggest some people who could help with this but marketing is not included in our service and quoted price.

What does and does not work will vary for different authors and books but generally we would recommend you do not pay for advertising in newspapers unless they are specialist publications that are very specifically targeted at your readership.

Authors whose books sell regularly are usually using 1 or more of the following (in no particular order):

Local media – it’s almost impossible to attract interest from national media unless you have already engaged with local media so start there because it’s more accessible and can be surprisingly welcoming to “local” authors. Be aware that you may be able to promote your book because of who you are or what you have done in your life regardless of whether it is connected with your book. 

Specialised media relevant to your book – a feature in a specialist magazine or on a  specialist website is a great way to get publicity. They may want you to take paid-for advertising but be careful you don’t get sucked into expensive advertising without being able to assess its effectiveness.  

Book signings. Local bookshops are often keen to welcome new authors provided your book looks the part.

Giving talks and presentations. Selling books by exploiting your status in your field of expertise.

Their own website with good relevant content and the option to buy the book from the site or a link to book selling sites such as Amazon, or or

Pay per click advertising on Google and Facebook.

Your own web site

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“At every stage you consulted, gave gentle advice and kept me up to date with progress. I could not have asked for more.” Michael Jones, Northampton

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