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Welcome to The Choir Press

Book publishers based in Gloucestershire, UK.

About The Choir Press

•   We are an established independent firm based in Gloucester. The business was started in 1982.
•   We help and advise publishers including authors who are publishing their own work.
•   We've worked on 1000s of titles of just about every genre since 1982 including law, medicine, accountancy, social sciences and of course fiction (including the first Gollancz editions of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, Pyramids and Guards Guards). We also worked on the groundbreaking Green Consumer Guide by Julia Hailes and John Elkington.
•   Throughout the 1990s we continued to work with large publishing companies and many smaller firms whose imprints have been subsumed into larger publishing firms.
•   Until 1997 our business was primarily a service to the publishing trade but the internet has enabled us to offer our services to a broader market.
•   Our services include editing, proofreading, design, page layout, preparation of print-ready files and delivery of your finished books. Marketing support is available for books which have been professionally edited – that means by someone who earns their living editing books!
•   We offer help and advice and use our experience to guide you at every stage of the process.
•   We guarantee to give you a professionally produced book with robust binding and manufacturing.

What Our Customers Think

" In production phases there is the friendly, expert advice on the technical side of setting up a book, allied with the professional, long sighted view of how a given book might sit in the publishing world. "

Dr Clive Palmer Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Outdoor Learning at University of Central Lancashire

We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book, you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.

Unlike some publishing companies, we offer a personal service. You will always be dealing with a named personal contact.

The Choir Press
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Tel: 01452 500016

Registered in England & Wales: 1602223

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Book publishers based in Gloucestershire, UK, near to Cheltenham, Gloucester, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol and Birmingham.

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