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How to Publish a Cookery Book

Bookshops, on the High Street and online, are packed with the products of cook book publishers. Hardly a week passes without another title from a celebrity chef vying for space on our kitchen shelves.

How to Publish a Cookbook - The Benefits of Doing It Yourself

If you’ve got recipes that other cooks would enjoy, you might be lucky enough to persuade a big-name publisher to handle your project. But relinquishing control of publication may result in your book having a short life if it isn’t an instant success. If this doesn’t appeal to you, or you’ve already explored this option unsuccessfully, publishing your own cookery book could offer an exciting alternative with these benefits:

•   Retain complete control over publication of your cookbook.
•   Simplify management of publishing.
•   Create a fabulous cook book incorporating your own style and ideas.
•   Enjoy bigger royalty percentages per book than with traditional publishing.
•   Retain all your book rights; don’t give them to big cook book publishers.

The Special Challenges of Publishing a Cookbook

Writing, and knowing how to publish, cookbooks poses special challenges. Firstly, it’s essential to have an appealing concept and delicious, high-quality recipes. Then you need to ensure that your book stands out from the mass of cookbooks on booksellers’ shelves or web pages. And of course, cookbook recipes must be illustrated with stunning photography to inspire readers.

These and other factors have to be successfully addressed by you and your publication partner before you even begin to market your book. Although there are exceptions, most cook books are extensively illustrated in colour, so cookbook printing isn’t viable for small runs. Professional-looking colour cookbooks usually need to be produced in quantities of at least 1000 to 1500 to achieve a cost price that’s low enough for profitable sales. If required, we can help and advise on producing small pilot-run quantities.

Choosing cook book publishers

The Choir Press brings invaluable experience for any cook who wants to self-publish a book. Like a skilled chef we’re always in control as we manage the components of publishing to realise your book.

Self-Publish Your Cook Book Today

For any cook book writer choosing between possible publishing partners, our experience, range of publishing services, excellent value and friendly personal service are the key ingredients for the cook book you’ve always dreamed of creating.
Let us tell you more about our recipe for self-publishing success: please contact us today.

What Our Customers Think

" Thank you for the wonderful job you have done. You have made the whole process so easy for me, guiding me through the system and answering my continual questions with patience and humour. Everything happened exactly as and when you said it would, and in a very stress-free way. I am absolutely thrilled with the end result."

Sarah Whitaker. Author Relaxed Aga Cooking, The Twelve Days of Aga Christmas, Casual Aga Cooking, Effortless Aga Cooking, Confident Aga Cooking

We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book, you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.

Unlike some publishing companies, we offer a personal service. You will always be dealing with a named personal contact.

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