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Long Run Printing

Long run printing means printing a book in sufficiently high volumes to ensure that the cost of each book is as low as possible. Historically this was how all books were produced and minimum print runs are typically a thousand copies or more with this production method.

The Benefits of Long Run Printing

Although self-publishing is increasingly suited to print on demand and short run printing there are circumstances where long runs are appropriate and we can advise if that would be the best approach for your publishing project. In some cases it is beneficial to use both long run and print on demand together and we’ll explain how and why it is that hardly any companies will offer this option. The benefits of long run printing for authors include the following:

•   The cost per book is lower than with print on demand on demand or short run printing but you will have a greater initial financial outlay than with a print on demand or short run printing process
•   A wide range of paper is available
•   A wide range of cover materials can be specified
•   A wider range of binding is available
•   Colour books are more likely to be commercially viable with long run printing
•   Useful for users of Amazon marketplace
•   If you have a long run print you can also have a print on demand service for a small extra cost to help you reach customers overseas. Bear in mind however, that the print specification between the two versions will be different.

How Long Run Printing Works

Printing books in long runs can be more effective if you have a plan for self-distribution. For self-publishing authors who meet their readership through courses, seminars, events and speaking engagements this can be an effective way to buy their stock of books. It is not usually effective to choose long run printing for quantities below 500 books because beneath this threshold the saving on the cost of each book is unlikely to be big enough to offset the capital required and some logistical disadvantages. We’ll advise you of the most suitable print route for your book.

Talk to us about your long run print requirements

Could a long print run hold the key to successful publication of your book? Do you want us to print large quantities from your own print-ready files? Or would you like our team to handle the editing and composition first? Long run book printers can help you print paperback or hardback books to meet very specific order quantities. Please contact us now for more information.

What Our Customers Think

"The Choir Press provided much needed practical advice on every aspect of the publication process and indeed even advised that I should improve the quality of my photographs! The end result was outstanding and the quality of the book has received praise from many quarters. I therefore have no hesitation in giving the highest recommendation to The Choir Press."

Richard Dellar. Author The British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912

We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book, you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.

Unlike some publishing companies, we offer a personal service. You will always be dealing with a named personal contact.

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