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Self-Publishing Poetry

Self-publishing poetry is always charged with emotion. Indeed, few books have the same meaning, for author and reader alike, as a beautifully written poetry volume. Whatever your work’s perspective, publishing poetry is a niche area where many publishers are cautious about taking risks with new authors. Don’t be deterred: if you’re frustrated by trying to find a poetry publisher, self-publication could be the perfect way into the market – or just to create a volume that friends and family will treasure for generations. 

How to Get Poetry Published

First, you’ve got to write your book. Whether inspired by one event or lifetime’s occurrences, manuscripts inevitably benefit from careful editing. With editing complete (we can help if necessary), you’re ready for the composition and printing of your book. That’s where our customers enjoy convenient one-stop access to a range of publishing services designed to help you when you self-publish poetry. These include the following:

•   Editing and proofing – essential when you self-publish poetry
•   Advice on binding style and format
•   Cover design and illustration
•   Pricing guidance
•   Long and short run printing
•   Practical advice about marketing and promotion

For anyone wishing to publish poetry, the convenience of having these services under one roof can really simplify the process.

Choosing Between Poetry Publishers

Having decided to publish poems, you might be lucky enough to get an established publisher who knows how to publish poetry commercially. However, the fact that you’re reading this probably means you’re considering self-publishing. In that case, ‘choosing a publisher’ really means ‘choosing the right partner to help you self-publish’.

How we can help you when you are self-publishing poetry

As well as experience with self-publishing and printing poetry, your prospective partner should be committed to supporting you in a friendly and personal way at all times. Look for a company that actively encourages you to visit them, that offers all the services you’ll need under one roof, and that’s open and transparent about the costs.

Above all, trust your instincts when you approach companies about how to publish poetry. If they offer the services you need, answer your questions well, have a wealth of publishing experience and feel ‘right’, the likelihood is that you’ve found a good one. Are we right for you? Please contact us today to find out.

What Our Customers Think

"At every stage you consulted, gave gentle advice and kept me up to date with progress. I could not have asked for more. What you predicted happened and the final appearance is totally down to your skills and I shall always be grateful to you for that. If ever I can help in any way do please ask; I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone."

Michael Jones. Author It May be Christian. I think it’s Silly.