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The affordable self-publishing solution for mono and colour books in paperback and hardback.



Ideal for self-publishing small quantities of books with manufacturing specifications not available with the print on demand process.



Low-cost production of mono and colour books.

Print on Demand

Paperback. Hardback. Books printed in small quantities as required. Mono or Colour. Distribution in many countries worldwide. Personal service.

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Short Run Printing

Paperback. Hardback. For specifications
not available with print on demand. Mono or colour.
Personal service.

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Long Run Printing

Paperback. Hardback. Low cost per book
with quantities from 1000 +. Mono or colour.
Personal service.

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How much will it cost to self-publish?

You can use our calculators to get an instant price for production of some popular book sizes and formats. If there isn’t a calculator for the type of book you want please give a us a call. Where prices are quoted for production from print-ready files this applies to both the text and cover.

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"I wholeheartedly recommend The Choir Press to anyone considering the first steps towards getting into print. 

I have been working with The Choir Press since 2011 when I was ready to consider publishing my first book. I have always received thoughtful, insightful and honest advice over the past nine years. I have also grown to feel the staff at The Choir Press are my friends. I know that I can discuss any idea openly with them and that the views and information that I get back are going to be valuable.

I have published three books now and am very happy with the excellent service that I have received throughout our relationship."

Paul Robinson, author of Recovering with T3, The CT3M Handbook, The Thyroid Patient's Manual.

Our Services

Are you thinking of self-publishing your book and trying to choose between book publishers? Do you want to publish a family history or biography for personal satisfaction, or a travel book for commercial gain? If you’d like an alternative to traditional publishers and agents, you write for specialised, easily-targeted markets, or you simply want to economically create a few copies of your history text, Gloucestershire-based Choir Press can help. We offer the experience, book publishing skills and personal service needed for your fiction or non-fiction book.

•   Friendly personal service
•   A simplified process for getting published
•   Massive publishing and self-publishing experience since 1982
•   Specialist experience of self-publishing in the UK market
•   Competitive print options
•   A full package of book publishers’ services

In the increasingly competitive publishing world, self-publishing offers many important benefits:

•   Self publishers can make their publishing dream come true
•   Retain full control of the publishing process
•   Avoid the frustrations of traditional publishing when you publish your own book
•   Enjoy bigger per-book royalty percentages than with traditional publishing
•   Print short-runs cost-effectively
•   Take advantage of online marketing to sell your book
•   Impress everyone who said ‘it won’t happen!’

The right choice of book printing can make a huge difference to the financial viability of your publishing project. Not all self publishing companies offer our range of experience; as UK print on demand specialists, we provide cost-effective print on demand services in conjunction with online marketing. Whether you want one book to be printed at a time, a small run of 50 books, or a longer run using our long run printing service, we’re book publishers with a cost-effective printing option for your needs.

Unlike some publishing businesses, we’ll actively encourage you to visit us and stay closely involved throughout the process of self-publishing a book. The result, as hundreds of customers know, is the realisation of a publishing dream with a professionally produced book featuring robust binding and quality manufacturing. Discover what sets us apart from other self publishing firms. Please contact us today.

With The Choir Press you’ll always be dealing with a named contact on a one to one personal basis who will be knowledgeable about your book. You can phone and visit us. We've helped to publish 1000s of books for publishers of all kinds from sole traders to international publishing groups covering almost every genre.

About The Choir Press

With more than 30 years experience offering help and advice to authors wanting
to publish their own work, we've worked on thousands of titles from just about every genre.

We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book, you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.

Unlike some publishing companies, we offer a personal service. You will always be dealing with a named personal contact.

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