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Self-Publishing Book Costs

As numerous authors have successfully demonstrated, self-publishing in the UK has taken off. In fact, the number of self-published books as a percentage of published books sold here is increasing annually. We’ve all got a book in us. Is it time your fiction or non-fiction masterpiece became reality? If so, self-publishing a book could be for you. We’ll explain some of the fundamental and less obvious differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing, and how this will affect your decision to publish your book.

About Self-Publishing

One of the myths which the self-publishing industry pedals all too frequently is that self-publishing is the same as traditional publishing except that the author pays the bills instead of the publisher. If only it was that simple. It is not the same because self-published books are usually produced in much lower quantities. This means that the manufacturing cost of each book is considerably higher than in the traditional publishing environment. We’ll do our best to steer you through the self-publishing maze so you don’t end up with a book that has a hopelessly unrealistic selling price.

Self-publishing a book: it’s easier than ever to get into print

Whether you write for self-fulfilment or money, choosing to publish your own book can simplify publication. Although it’s no substitute for your own hard work and promotional efforts, self-publication, and a supportive author services partner, can reduce the cost and complexity of publishing:

•   Print on demand – only the copies you need.
•   Short run printing – enables us to produce books to specifications that aren’t available with the print on demand process.
•   Long run printing – our long run book printing service is the cheapest way to buy books when you need at least 500 books.
•   Save money: discuss a viable self-publishing route with an expert.
•   Simplify management of the publishing process.
•   Avoid the traditional complexity of agents and publishers.

Why Self-Publish a Book?

Authors’ choices to self-publish a book generally involve one of these:

•  Rejection or delay by agents and mainstream publishers.
•  Publication for small, specialised, easily-targeted markets.
•  The need to capture the moment quickly with a topical publication.
•  Long run printing versus shorter runs: short-run book printing and print on demand are perfect for new authors with no previous sales history.
•  Re-publishing of previously published works where the rights have reverted to the author.

The benefits of publishing a book yourself?

Particularly for new writers, traditional publication just gets harder; for every published book, thousands never make it. When you self-publish you take control of publication. The benefits include these:

•  Self-publish a book and retain all the rights.
•  Self-publishing a book retains control over all aspects of publication.
•  Simplify publication with an experienced partner.
•  Print smaller runs cost-effectively.
•  Create a commercial success? It could happen with self-publishing…
•  Enjoy bigger royalty percentages per book than with traditional publishing.
•  Turn manuscripts into ‘proper books’ for posterity.
•  Impress those who said it would never happen…

Publish Your Own Book - Who Knows Where It'll Lead?

If you seek fame and fortune as a writer, self-publishing a book (it’s the same for traditional publishing) offers no guarantees. No matter how you publish, making money takes hard work, promotional skill and luck. At least, with self-publishing services from a reputable partner, you’ll increase your likelihood of success. As one of the more experienced UK self-publishing companies, The Choir Press offers decades of experience – and a track-record with thousands of successfully published books.

Unsure how to get a book published? Thinking of self-publishing? Need more advice on the relative merits of traditional publishing versus self-publishing? Whatever level of personalised service and support you need, we’ll help to give your book the best chance of becoming a self-publishing success story. Anything’s possible when you publish your own book, so please contact us today.

What Our Customers Think

" Thank you to everyone at the Choir Press for helping me to get my book published. It was a daunting experience at first, but your support, encouragement and wise words made it an enjoyable experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Choir Press."

Jane Roberts, Author Learning to Live with Bipolar Disorder

We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book, you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.

Unlike some publishing companies, we offer a personal service. You will always be dealing with a named personal contact.

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