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How to set up an Amazon author page

Why set one up: There are over 500 books published every day in the UK alone. You need to do everything you can to make your book stand out, look interesting and attractive and to provide as much information to your potential readers as possible. An Amazon author page is the digital equivalent of a biography on a book’s jacket. It’s a very important marketing tool. It also provides useful links to your social media, and helps with search engine optimisation so make sure you place a few keywords in your biography (as well as your blurb of course) for people searching for the subject you’ve written on.

Readers are often as interested in the author as in the book itself. They want to know what makes an author write about a particular subject. In the case of non-fiction especially they want to feel assured that the author has the skills and knowledge to write about the subject so your qualifications and/or life experiences may be an invaluable element in your marketing effort. Don’t brag, but don’t hide your light under a bushel either.

You can set up your own author page quickly and easily yourself, completely for free!

How to do this: Go to the Amazon Author Central page (here: and sign up. You can either use a personal account to log in and add author central, or create a new account. Once your account has been activated, find your book(s) using the ISBN or title and claim them as your own. These will then be linked to your author page. You can then add a variety of other content to your page. An Amazon author page can include a biography, a photo/photos of you, relevant information, events, videos, website links and links to your social media accounts.

An Amazon author page is also a place to connect all of the books you have written, which if you are a prolific author is really important because you want a fan of one book to become a fan of all of your books! You can also view your sales figures and reviews from here. From your author page, fans can follow you, which means that they will receive updates on your new releases – a great way to keep fans connected!

Top tip: Keep your page updated, add news and events and new photos and use keywords throughout to help people find you.



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