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We pay royalties on print on demand books monthly and because the royalty is calculated by using the trade cost of printing your book you will receive a bigger royalty from us than under almost any other publishing arrangement.
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With The Choir Press you’ll always be dealing with a named contact on a one to one personal basis who will be knowledgeable about your book. You can phone and visit us.  We've helped to publish 1000s of books for publishers of all kinds from sole traders to international publishing groups covering almost every genre.

Non-Fiction Books

The following books are examples of self-publishing projects from a small selection of our authors.  Most of our books are available through the major bookselling channels including amazon and

First Light
Author:  Paul Wharton     ISBN 978-0-9563529-1-0
Size 246 x 189mm. Paperback. 156 pages. £10.00
Also available in hardback ISBN 978-0-9563529-0-3. £16.00
Edited and produced by The Choir Press.

The author served as a bomb disposal officer in Northern Ireland. His first hand account of the dangers of the job are graphically told and the author questions why it was that not one of the Operators who died received a posthumous gallantry medal. For those who served in the early years the work was especially hazardous, not least because the equipment and thinking were very immature. Much of the book is autobiographical and Paul Wharton has used his experiences to paint a picture of how hazardous this line of work can be. He hasn't shied away from the mistakes he made, less than optimum Render Safe Procedures he applied and other difficulties he encountered. Wishing to dispel the Hollywood hype Paul Wharton maintains that Operators, many of whom were unaware that they would be required to carry out this line of work when they signed up, were simply ordinary people doing an extra ordinary job in highly unpredictable and unique sets of circumstances. Their families came second to Queen and Country each time they entered the dragon's den and for the families of those who died it is they who lost the most and it is they who might wonder today why their loved one's sacrifice went unrecognised.

The British Car Industry; Our Part in its Downfall
Author: James Ruppert           ISBN 978-0-9559529-0-6
Size 246x170mm. Paperback. 252pp.  £
Produced by The Choir Press.

Motoring correspondent James Ruppert explains why you can’t buy a British built hatchback from a British owned company anymore. In 1974 James’ Dad did a very strange thing and came home in an Audi 100LS. It’s not clear whether the rot set in at that point or whether it was when his father, a fiercely loyal British car buyer bought the single worst car British Leyland ever made. James traces the rise, mediocrity and fall from 1945 to 2005 and gives a unique commentary on what happened including how the British Army saved VW and why the British car industry rejected VW.

Trauma Bonding and Family Constellations
Author: Franz Ruppert           ISBN 978-0-9559683-0-3
Size 216x138mm. Paperback. 356pp.  £17.95
Produced by The Choir Press

Vivian Broughton: is a Gestalt Therapist, Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Teacher and Consultant, practising in the South West UK. She is currently one of the foremost practitioners of Constellations Work in the country. She is the publisher of Trauma Bonding and Family Constellations by Franz Ruppert which explores the different types of trauma experience, along with the bonding theories of John Bowlby and attachment work of Mary Ainsworth and others, forming a multigenerational picture of the dynamics of trauma. Experiences of trauma can be so painful as to cause a split in the personality. It is impossible for a mother or father to avoid passing something of their own traumatic experiences on to their children through the process of bonding. These are the deeper feelings, perceptions, thoughts and embodied ways of being which form the residue of the trauma. Informed by his clinical experience Franz Ruppert introduces his insights into the origins of psychological distress. He has developed a unique way of working sensitively with Constellations to reveal and resolve the hidden dynamics of past trauma.

After successfully publishing Trauma Bonding and Family Constellations  The Choir Press has also helped Green Balloon Publishing to publish In the Presence of Many and is currently working on a third title for Green Balloon Publishing Splits In the Soul to be published in February 2011. Green Balloon publishing is establishing itself as a specialist independent publisher.

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