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Some Examples of Our Work

The following books are examples of self-publishing projects from a small selection of our authors. 
Most of our books are available through the major bookselling channels including Amazon and Book Depository. 

Without the Woo Woo

Without the Woo Woo

Book Description: 'Without the Woo Woo' is a mainstream and down to earth self-development book that not only brings powerful realisations to your conscious awareness, but it also offers practical application suggestions to help you move forward. We are currently living through times of unprecedented global and personal change. You only have to look at the economic system, the healthcare system, the political system, the justice system, the food system and even the eco system that supports life to appreciate the total chaos that we are all surrounded by. You may also feel unsettled by your own life and the challenges you have faced in the past and are perhaps even facing now? In uncertain times like these we are all looking for clear, concise and easy to understand answers, and now you've found them. Having both made considerable life journey's and with many combined years of experience in the field of human behaviour and consciousness Austin Wyse and Dawn Bailey have compiled these new and ancient personal development insights to help you change the way you feel about your life forever. When used by sceptics Woo Woo is a dismissive term used to refer to new age or spiritual beliefs.

“The best book on British military swords since Robson... people will be looking it up in ‘Dellar’ for years to come” Chris Allen, Bonhams

Publisher: Rose Grant Publishing

ISBN: 9780957153301

Price: £9.99

Format: Pbk

Height (mm): 203

Width (mm): 127

Pages: 132

Author(s): Austin Wyse and Dawn Bailey

What Our Customers Think

"Searching the net for a publisher for my poems, I came across the Choir Press. That was five years ago and since then I have written five poetry books and cherish every one of them."

Richard Maitland. Author; Runaways, Adventures with Words, What Larks, Anchors Aweigh and Northern Lights