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Some Examples of Our Work

The following books are examples of self-publishing projects from a small selection of our authors. 
Most of our books are available through the major bookselling channels including Amazon and Book Depository. 

Slow Train To Suburbia

Slow Train To Suburbia

Book Description: In the blistering summer of 1911, City stockbroker George Chesshyre moves his family to a new house in south London. George looks forward to a life of domestic bliss but a continuous chain of events conspires against him and his yearned for reverie is repeatedly thwarted and dashed by the arrival of cantankerous and odd relatives, unexpected animals and a merciless drain on his wallet. Not helped by the unceasing, debilitating heat of one of the hottest summers on record, George battles to and from the City each day on the ‘Slow Train to Suburbia’. As the year progresses and the autumn leaves fall, a procession of colourful characters adds, by turn, hilarity and heartbreak, culminating in a riotous Christmas Day, a fitting climax to an event-filled year.

In ‘Slow Train to Suburbia’ the author paints a sympathetic and nostalgic picture of life in the suburbs before the First World War. The world is rapidly changing and old certainties are fading fast. The dying embers of the Edwardian age are captured beautifully in the situations, characters and prose, and will leave a deep and lasting impression in the memories and imaginations of everyone who reads and enjoys this unusual novel.

Publisher: The Choir Press

ISBN: 9781910864630

Price: £7.99

Format: Pbk

Height (mm): 203

Width (mm): 127

Pages: 260

Author(s): Charles Webb

What Our Customers Think

"Searching the net for a publisher for my poems, I came across the Choir Press. That was five years ago and since then I have written five poetry books and cherish every one of them."

Richard Maitland. Author; Runaways, Adventures with Words, What Larks, Anchors Aweigh and Northern Lights