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Some Examples of Our Work

The following books are examples of self-publishing projects from a small selection of our authors. 
Most of our books are available through the major bookselling channels including Amazon and Book Depository. 

Heresy Unlocked

Heresy Unlocked

Book Description: Heresy has shaped Christianity although churches do their best to ignore this fact. The history of efforts to stamp out heresy is one of appalling and gratuitous cruelty. Churches also shaped their doctrine to embrace, or to counter, heretical ideas.

Roger Wilson started to explore the influence of heresy when he was recovering from treatment for advanced cancer. In this book he tracks heresies from the early years of the growing religion to the 17th century when the acceptance of Protestantism gave new purpose to those with divergent ideas.

Among the many questions this investigation raised is where was the spirituality amid the cruelties committed in the name of Christianity? This challenged Roger's own beliefs. He describes himself as having faith but he saw religion today as being more about doctrine and packaging than about the personal spiritual relationship with a loving God. He needed something better. The second part of the book describes his journey, arriving at answers which established churches will doubtless describe as heretical.

Publisher: The Choir Press

ISBN: 9781910864548

Price: £12.95

Format: Pbk

Height (mm): 216

Width (mm): 140

Pages: 210

Author(s): Roger Wilson

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"Searching the net for a publisher for my poems, I came across the Choir Press. That was five years ago and since then I have written five poetry books and cherish every one of them."

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